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Joe Satriani on New Van Halen: "The Crime is That We Don't Have Three New Albums"

It seems you can't be a member of Chickenfoot these days without getting asked about the new Van Halen album, and Joe Satriani is no exception to the rule.

Satch was asked by Classic Rock Revisited if he had heard the band's new album, A Different Kind of Truth, and what he thought of it.

"I kind of like it," he said. "I was talking to Sammy about it the other day. I said, 'You know Sam, I have to congratulate you on the enduring success of Van Halen. It is something that Mike and you should be proud of.'

Joe would then go on to point out that Sammy had been just as successful as David Lee Roth as the frontman of Van Halen.

"I think that both Dave and Sam brought interesting things to Eddie’s musicianship, as he wrote different kinds of songs with each," he continued. "Dave is more vaudeville and Sammy is more rock. For me, just to have a new record with Eddie Van Halen – I like that. When you think that we’ve been missing him for so long – the crime is that we don’t have three new albums."

You can read the full interview here.