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John Lennon’s To-Do List Hits the Auction Block

Beatles artifacts that have recently found their way to the auction block range from the dental (John Lennon's tooth was purchased by a dentist) to the cool (George Harrison's Vox amp will be up for grabs in London soon).

But now there's this: A fairly boring to-do list complied by Lennon is going for auction on

Outside of the first item -- something about meeting an "HBO guy" -- the list consists of the same types of things we regular people deal with on a normal basis. Examples include making sure “both cars have full gas tanks” and fixing a hook on a bathroom door.

The list is dated May 22 of an unknown year.

The list, which is nearly illegible, has a starting bid of $3,000 and is expected to pull in more than $4,000, according to various sources.