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John Mayer is inviting guitarists to jam with him on TikTok


Get your guitar, let’s gooooo ##guitar ##guitartok ##beats ##music

♬ original sound - johnmayer

As we eagerly await the possible announcement of a more affordable SE version of John Mayer’s PRS Silver Sky electric guitar, Mayer himself is keeping busy by… joining Tik Tok.

The Dead & Company guitarist made his debut on the platform earlier this week with a suitably “old man attempts to use modern technology” post captioned “How do you use tik tok”.

But beyond Mayer just being Mayer – witness him jumping fully clothed into his pool in another clip – he’s also posted a quick lesson on his not-very-easy-to-play-although-he-claims-it-is 1999 acoustic hit Neon.


Guitar tip: Neon ##guitar ##guitarist ##guitartok

♬ original sound - johnmayer

There’s also a video whereby he invites viewers to jam with him over a smooth, funky groove in the key of F, playing along to the backing track on a Lunar Ice Silver Sky.

“Get your guitar, let’s gooooo,” Mayer writes, leaving space for players to add their own licks.

For more Mayer fun, head over to John’s TikTok page.