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John Petrucci Gives Track-By-Track Breakdown of New Dream Theater Album

Speaking to, guitarist John Petrucci gave a track-by-track breakdown of the new Dream Theater album, A Dramatic Turn of Events. You can check out an excerpt from the interview below.

"Going into this album, I felt a tremendous sense of responsibility," said Petrucci. "When Mike Portnoy left the band, I think it put a big question mark in the minds of a lot of fans because they saw him as a very big figure in Dream Theater. So I owed it to those people to show them that everything was grounded, intact and extremely creative within the band."

"As it was the first time I was the sole producer for Dream Theater, it presented a challenge. But I thrive on challenges – I feel as though that’s when I do some of my best work."

You can read the full track-by-track breakdown of the album here

Dream Theater have been releasing clips of songs from A Dramatic Turn of Events each week leading up to the release of the album. So far, you can hear 71-second clips of "Beneath the Surface" (listen), "Breaking All Illusions" (listen), and "Bridges in the Sky" (listen). You can also listen to the full song, "On the Backs of Angels," here.

A Dramatic Turn of Events will be released on September 13 via Roadrunner Records.