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Kid Liberty Release New EP, 'Give Up. Give In.'

Kid Liberty have released a new four-song EP, Give Up. Give In, which was produced by Geoff Rockwell (Memphis May Fire, Forever The Sickest Kids).

The four songs are:

  • 1. Give Me Alan Or Give Me Death
  • 2. Fuck You (Cee Lo Green)
  • 3. The Situation (Acoustic)
  • 4. The Suspense Is Killing Me (Acoustic)

"It was honestly kind of scary to cover the Cee Lo Green song," says singer Trey Sexton. "The original is so good, and everyone loves that song. We knew there was a possibility of butchering it, but it came out super fun. The acoustic songs came out great. Very unexpected from us, to be honest."

The band just wrapped up a string of US tours and are home in Texas shooting a music video for "Fight With Your Fists" with director Joshua Dixon (Memphis May Fire). Look for that to surface soon. Their song "Coolguy Deluxe!" is available now on Rock Band.