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How Kids React to Black Sabbath

The React videos have been around for quite awhile, and— like it or not—they've always been fairly popular among readers.

Now, Fine Brothers Entertainment, makers of the popular “Kids React” videos, are back with a new clip showing how youngsters respond to hearing Black Sabbath for the first time.

It's interesting to see how deeply the band and their music have permeated popular culture, as almost every one of the assembled children immediately recognizes "Iron Man."

The dark, heavy sound of "Black Sabbath"—so unorthodox at the time of its 1970 release—barely phases most of the kids. 10-year-old Sydney, in a particularly savage remark, says "Halloween is over. I'm sorry Ozzy Osbourne."

You can watch the kids' always-entertaining comments in the video above.

For more React clips, follow along on YouTube.