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Lehle announces Dual Expression and P-ISO hum suppressor pedals

Lehle's Dual Expression and P-ISO hum suppressor pedals
(Image credit: Lehle)

German company Lehle has announced two new additions to its product lineup, the Dual Expression and P-ISO hum suppressor pedals.

As its name suggests, the Dual Expression pedal sports dual outputs, and utilizes magnet sensor technology along with two digital potentiometers for precise generation of expression data.

This design, as Lehle explains, “allows distinctly more accurate operation than is offered by conventional expression pedals with mechanical potentiometers." 

The company continues: “There is no mechanical wear, avoiding the need for maintenance or complicated adjustments.”

Both outputs can control most common devices with expression inputs from 5kΩ to 100kΩ.

The all-new P-ISO is essentially an isolator and DI box, with applications including eliminating hum, reamplification and more. At its core is a Lehle Transformer HZ, which isolates the incoming signal and eliminates the possibility of any ground loops.

The Dual Expression pedal and P-ISO hum suppressor are available now with minimum advertised prices of $259 and $129, respectively. For more info, head to

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