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Li-sa-X, Saki and guitar-playing cyborg Ediee Ironbunny headline epic Shred Racers online guitar battle

Last year we introduced you to Ediee Ironbunny, a guitar-playing cyborg shredder from Japan. Now Ediee is back for a livestream event, Shred Racers Online F2, appearing alongside fellow electric guitar speedsters Saki (Mary's Blood, Nemophilia) and 15-year-old Li-sa-X, for what is being dubbed “an epic shred battle.”

The event is presented by Japanese magazine Young Guitar and Nippon Cultural Broadcasting, and will be livestreamed worldwide from Tokyo on September 26 at 2 PM Japan time (that’s 10 PM PST on September 25).

Other artists scheduled to appear include guest vocalists Kotono and Minami of Ironbunny and Fuki from Unlucky Morpheus.

In advance of the battle, Saki, Fuki, Kotono and Ironbunny have recorded a new video cover of the hit anime song Gurenge, which you can check out above.

Tickets to stream the event are available now. In addition, there are special tickets that come with a download code for a new collaboration track written by Li-sa-X, Saki and Ediee.

Standard viewing tickets are $45, while a streaming ticket with the exclusive song download is $55. To purchase, speed over to Shred Racers.