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Limp Bizkit Guitarist Wes Borland Attacks Dream Theater Via Twitter

In the media-happy, no-privacy world the Internet has created, most musicians are fairly careful about what they say in the public forum, especially toward other bands.

It's not that all bands get along and all musicians truly respect one another, but it's just much easier to not air that kind of dirty laundry in public.

Well, unless you're Limp Bizkit guitarist Wes Borland.

Borland made what he probably felt was an innocent comment about Dream Theater via Twitter over the weekend. In response to a follower saying something positive about the prog-metal band, Borland Tweeted: "Dream Theater do not own. That's a fact. Refused own," adding, "No they aren't incredible. There's no debate."

We'll let Borland's Twitter feed take it from here: