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Lindy Fralin Releases New DynaSonic Pickups

Lindy Fralin announces the newest addition to their line of pickups, DynaSonic replacements. The pickups are available in two hum-cancelling designs: Alnico Rod and P90. 

The Alnico Rod version features a thick-sounding midrange with a top-end sparkle. The USA-Made Alnico 5 Magnets give this pickup a dynamic, breathable top-end clarity not found in screw pole pieces. 

The P90 version has all the grit and snarl you can expect from a P90. Expect a thick, darker, round bottom-end, and a harder, stiffer top-end, with a clear, fat midrange in-between.

Lindy Fralin offers the pickups in Chrome or Gold surrounds, with your choice of White or Black covers. From sparkle to snarl, these pickups allow players to choose exactly what voice their DynaSonic-equipped instrument can have, without the hum. The Lindy Fralin DynaSonic replacements start at $150 per pickup, or $300 per set. 

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