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Listen to a Rare Lamb of God B-Side, "Another Nail for Your Coffin"

Lamb of God are celebrating the 15th anniversary of their 2004 major-label debut Ashes of the Wake with a new double-vinyl re-release of the album. Now, they’ve shared an additional track, “Another Nail for Your Coffin,” which was recorded during the sessions but left off the original record.

You can check out a new lyric video for the song above.

“Another Nail for Your Coffin” was initially released on the Japanese version of Ashes of the Wake, and was also featured on the 2010 compilation, Hourglass: The Anthology. In a new interview with Loudwire, guitarist Mark Morton talked about the song's exclusion from the original U.S. version of Ashes:

"Sometimes the reason songs get left off really just comes down to a vote," he said. "As I recall, there was some apprehension after I introduced that song, musically. The outro is this really soaring, kind of melodic, almost major-key piece. At the time, I think that some of the band members were a little apprehensive about stepping out of our lane to that degree."

The 15th anniversary edition of Ashes of the Wake is available here. You can check out the full track list below.

Ashes of the Wake - 15th Anniversary Edition vinyl track list:

Side A

1.       Laid to Rest

2.       Hourglass

3.       Now You've Got Something To Die For

4.       The Faded Line

Side B

5.       Omerta

6.       Blood Of The Scribe

7.       One Gun

8.       Break You

Side C

9.       What I've Become

10.     Ashes of the Wake

11.     Remorse Is for the Dead

Side D

12.      Another Nail For Your Coffin

13.      Laid To Rest (pre-production demo)

14.      Ashes Of The Wake (pre-production demo)

15.      Remorse For The Dead (pre-production demo)

Richard Bienstock

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