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Listen to Ariel Posen's bluesy, slide guitar-heavy new single Heart by Heart now

Ariel Posen
(Image credit: Future)

Ariel Posen – Canadian slide-guitar extraordinaire and all-round six-string machine – is currently gearing up to release his sophomore studio album, Headway.

Though the LP is scheduled to arrive March 5, five singles have been released thus far, the most recent being Heart by Heart, which dropped today (February 26). You can take a listen to its luscious slide-guitar lines and bluesy leads below.

Many of Headway's tracks were written between tour dates supporting Posen's debut album How Long, and were tested live on the same run. The album itself was recorded in Winnipeg, and produced by both Posen and Murray Pulver.

Heart by Heart is written “from the perspective of yourself but talking to someone special to you, who may be having a hard time with their life,” Posen says. 

“Whether just a friend or a partner, the idea of the song is just constantly reminding the person that they can trust you, and I'll be here when you're ready, but there is no rush. The idea of knowing somebody's heart, by heart is to say that you completely and utterly understand them.”

Check out the tracklisting for Headway below:

  1. Heart by Heart
  2. Coming Back
  3. Carry Me Home
  4. Nobody Else
  5. Did You See It Coming
  6. What Are We Doing Here
  7. Big Picture
  8. It's You
  9. I'll Be Finding You
  10. I'm Gone
  11. Sometimes You Lie
  12. Now I See

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