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Looking To Upgrade Your Effects? Save 25% On Fuzz, Boost, Drive And Delay Pedals At Guitar Center Right Now

Guitar Center effects pedals sale collage
(Image credit: Guitar Center)

Whilst Amazon Prime Day is a already a distant memory, that doesn't mean the deals have ended...

As of right now, Guitar Center is dropping prices on everything from acoustic guitars and basses, to amps and electrics, like this crazy Schecter Guitar Chris Howorth V7 7 String deal (was $699, now only $524.25).

It's the effects department where some of best deals are to be had right now. A big selection of top stompboxes, including fuzz, boost and delay from big names including Pigtronix and TC Electronic are currently 25% off. Stick the code take25 in at the checkout to apply the discount.

This deal ends on July 23.

Save 25% on effects at Guitar Center

Danelectro The Eisenhower Fuzz. Was $149. $111.75 @25% off
According to Danelectro, The Eisenhower Fuzz is “based on one of the greatest octave fuzz pedals ever”, but adds gain and EQ controls to the original design. A flat-sculpt toggle adds bass and drops mids for a more cutting tone.View Deal

TC Electronic Spark Booster. Was $169.99. $127.49 @25% off
The Spark Booster works as both a colored and a clean boost, with the level knob alone offering up to 26dB of clean boost. Playing with the controls is very intuitive and really does give extra life and flavor to your tone.View Deal

Pigtronix Rototron Analog Rotary Speaker Simulator
Was $319. $239.25 @25% off
This is a rotary speaker sim with all the foot control you'd ever need. Operation can be mono or stereo, and fast and slow speeds are selectable with the second footswitch. Knobs enable you to set the depth (intensity) of the effect.View Deal

BBE Windowpane Silicon Fuzz. Was $119.99. $89.99 @25% off
Looking for Hendrix's classic fuzz tone without spending a fortune? The Windowpane is precision engineered to deliver Jimi's tone with ease, with enough versatility to dial in some of your own flavor too.View Deal

Carl Martin DC Drive 2018 Overdrive effects pedal
Was $199.95. $149.96 @25% off
Order the fantastic DC drive today and get a massive $50 off! This is a simple pedal to use, but delivers bags of versatile tone via Level, Tone and Drive controls, plus the magical Reg/Fat switch.
View Deal

BBE Two Timer Analog Delay. Was $149.99. $112.49 @25% off
A classic analog Bucket Brigade Delay that produces warm, haunting reverb and tape-like echoes. The Two Timer also enables you to select two independent delay times via the Time1/Time2 mode footswitch.View Deal

Road Runner Pedalboard (large)
Was $114.99. $86.24 @25% off
Bring some order to your pedal collection and transport it safely with this durable, solid aluminium 'board. Self-adhesive Velcro tape is included for secure mounting of your pedals and this large model can handle up to eight stompboxes.View Deal