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Guitar Center Black Friday 2021: What to expect and early offers

Guitar Center Black Friday 2021: What to expect
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Guitar Center Black Friday 2021 might seem like a while away, but it won't be long until the big day is upon us. Black Friday is the biggest sales event of the year, and has always been the best time to pick up your dream music gear. Guitar Center offers up some of the best deals every single year - you won't be disappointed.

With offers on electric guitars and acoustic guitars from brands like Gibson, Fender, Gretsch and Squier, as well as guitar effects pedal and guitar amp deals, all of your bases will be covered. 

The Guitar Center Black Friday deals are the perfect opportunity to pick up a great Christmas present at a low price, and with both budget and high-end gear on offer, we have no doubt you'll find something for you in this Black Friday sale.

The offers will be flying thick and fast online, and some will be better than others, but don’t worry! We’ll be rounding up the very best Guitar Center Black Friday deals here - no filler allowed.

Guitar Center Black Friday deals 2021: Latest Deals

While these aren't actually Black Friday deals, if you're after a bargain these will be hard to beat.

Gibson Les Paul Trad Pro V Flame Top: $2,999, $2,599

Gibson Les Paul Trad Pro V Flame Top: $2,999, $2,599
With a saving of $400, now might be the best time to bag yourself the Les Paul of your dreams. Loaded with a set of Tradbucker humbuckers, this LP has all the grunt you'd expect from this famous single-cut, while the advanced switching under the hood allows you to access a myriad of tones.

Gibson J-185 EC Bhilwara: was $2,699, now $2,159

Gibson J-185 EC Bhilwara: was $2,699, now $2,159
Gibson has long had a love affair with the jumbo acoustic, and the J-185 builds on the guitars of Gibson's past and takes it in a modern direction. Access to the upper frets is no problem at all, with the addition of the deep cutaway, while the exotic blend of woods deliver a rich, warm tone -  and you can save $540!

Gibson Les Paul Trad Pro V Satin: $2,099, $1,699

Gibson Les Paul Trad Pro V Satin: $2,099, $1,699
Similar to the Traditional Pro V above, but now with a sleek satin finish, this Les Paul offers fantastic value for money - and with a saving of $400, it just got a whole lot better. 

Epiphone ES-335 Traditional Pro: $599, $499

Epiphone ES-335 Traditional Pro: $599, $499
The ES-335 is a blues-rock icon, and with that fame comes an eye-watering price tag. Luckily the Epiphone has you covered with the Epiphone ES-335 Traditional Pro. This budget-friendly hollowbody features a set of Alnico Classic Pro humbuckers and comes in the very rare - and gorgeous - Inverness Green finish. 

Epiphone Dove Studio Ltd Ed

Epiphone Dove Studio Ltd Ed: $459.99, $299
With its ornate pickguard, imposing size, and classy appointments, the Epiphone Dove is already an absolutely stunning guitar, throw in a brilliant white finish, and it takes this instrument to a whole new level. Featuring the Fishman Sonitone pickup, this acoustic sounds just as good as it looks. 

Fender Player Strat Maple Fingerboard Ltd Ed: $799, Now $699

Fender Player Strat Maple Fingerboard Ltd Ed: $799, Now $699
The black strat of David Gilmour is one of the most valuable (and most expensive) guitars on the planet. Luckily for you, Guitar Center has slashed $100 off the price - so you can get those Comfortably Numb vibes at a steal. That iconic Strat tone is delivered by three Player series single coils - with the maple fingerboard providing that signature 'snap' to compliment. Thanks very much, GC!

Fender Player Strat HSS Maple Fingerboard: $829, now $699

Fender Player Strat HSS Maple Fingerboard: $829, now $699
If you're more P!NK than Pink Floyd, then this humbucker-equipped equivalent might be a little more you. Delivering some fantastic modern and classic Strat tones, the combination of Player series single coils and the bridge humbucker really adds that extra kick of power. Now only $699, as part of the Guitar Center Guitar-A-Thon sale.

Fender Player Strat HSS Plus Top: $859, now $699

Fender Player Strat HSS Plus Top: $859, now $699
If the two previous Strats are a little too plain for your taste, then this HSS-configured Plus Top in Blue Burst may just be the one for you. It's a regular Player Strat at heart, but capable of just that little bit more than most Strats thanks to the Player Series humbucker in the bridge. You can save the most on this one, with $160 off until October 27.

Guitar Center Black Friday Deals 2021: FAQ

Black Friday takes place on the day after Thanksgiving, and will be held on Friday 26th November this year. The deals will extend across the following weekend (known as Cyber Weekend) before finishing with some great Guitar Center Cyber Monday deals on November 29th. 

If previous years are anything to go by, we can expect to see some killer Black Friday deals emerging well before the big day. It's worth bookmarking this page and checking back in regularly to see what's on offer.  

Guitar Center Black Friday deals 2021: What to expect

In the past, Guitar Center has offered big money off Fender Player Strats in Surf Pearl and Shell Pink, bringing their prices down to $599. The Squier Bullet Telecaster had $50 knocked off, and Vox's gorgeous AC10 came in at $499, after $100 was snatched from that price tag.

For you acoustic guitarists, last year saw some great deals too. Among others, the fantastic Gretsch G5027CE saw $100 slashed from it's retail price - offering great quality at an even more affordable price.

Metalheads were in Guitar Center's thoughts as well, with the price of the EMG-armed Schecter C-1 Platinum dropping from $599 to $449. 

We're expecting this year's Guitar Center Black Friday deals to be equally as excellent, with savings on everything from the best metal guitars, electric guitar strings, pedalboards and more Fender Stratocasters and Telecasters.

Guitar Center Black Friday deals: Should I wait until Black Friday?

Should you wait until Black Friday to make the most of the Guitar Center Black Friday deals?

Well, we'd say yes. If you're looking for the best deals and the biggest savings, then we'd wait until Friday November 26 - but there will undoubtedly be some huge savings to be made in the lead up to the big day.

In the past, we've seen early Black Friday deals starting as soon as the start of October - and Guitar Center has already kicked off their sales with the Guitar-A-Thon event. You can expect to see big deals from now all the way until the big day.

Most places will keep their best deals for Black Friday and Cyber Weekend however - leading all the way through to the Guitar Center Cyber Monday deals the following Monday. If you want to make the biggest savings, we'd wait until the event itself.

Guitar Center Black Friday deals: Will there be enough stock?

While we don't think there is going to be an insane amount of stock disruption this Black Friday, we can expect to see delays on products getting from factories to distribution centers thanks to the current supply chain issues facing the US.

There also could be delays on getting your products delivered to you after you've ordered them, so we'd suggest you jump on any great deals you want as soon as you see them to avoid disappointment.

If you're in the market for any of the best guitar plugins though, fill your boots. There aren't any delivery times on those bad boys!

Guitar Center Black Friday deals 2021: How to prepare

Our biggest and best piece of advice when it comes to Black Friday preparation is to do your research! Do plenty of reading up on your favourite products and put together a wishlist. Make a note of the RRP too - that way you'll know if you're actually getting a good deal or not. 

Lucky for you, we've got a massive collection of expert buyer's guides and product reviews to help you find out everything you need to know about your dream gear.

Should I buy from Guitar Center online during Black Friday?

If you're concerned about buying a guitar or any other gear from Guitar Center this Black Friday without having tried it out first, there's no need to be. Guitar Center's return policy is one of the best around, allowing you to return most gear within a window of 45 days. This means you can afford to purchase a guitar or anything else, play it at home, and make up your mind within a few weeks. 

It's worth checking the specifics, as some vintage, custom ordered and music tech gear is subject to different rules however. 

What else can I buy during Black Friday 2021?

It's not all about the Guitar Center Black Friday deals this November. As well as great music making bargains, you'll find deals on lots of tech like Amazon Echo's, iPads, MacBook Pros and more. You can even buy garbage bags, bath mats, cat food and bulk maple syrup with huge sums of money knocked off - but we'll just be looking at the Guitar Center Black Friday deals here. 

Guitar Center Black Friday 2021: Last year's top deals

Here's a little taste of last year's best Guitar Center Black Friday deals to show you what kind of bargains you can expect this year. 

Last year's Guitar Center Black Friday electric guitar deals

Fender Player Strat in Shell Pink: Was $724.99, now $599.99

Fender Player Strat in Shell Pink: Was $724.99, now $599.99
The Limited Edition Fender Player Stratocaster in Shell Pink is a versatile guitar with loads of character in a frankly glorious color. And with $125 off the list price at Guitar Center, it’s the perfect time to dip in.

Fender Player Strat in Surf Pearl: Was $699.99, now $599.99

Fender Player Strat in Surf Pearl: Was $699.99, now $599.99
There’s something about faded green Strats, so the Limited Edition Fender Player Stratocaster in Surf Green really caught our attention. Even more so when it’s down from $699 to just $599 at Guitar Center.

Squier Limited-Edition Bullet Telecaster

Squier Limited-Edition Bullet Telecaster: $179 $129, save $50
In the market for your first electric guitar? You can't go far wrong with this Squier Bullet Tele. Featuring a basswood body, ergonomic C-shaped neck and effortlessly playable Indian laurel fingerboard, this guitar will keep you playing comfortably for hours on end. Available in Lake Placid Blue finish.

Gibson Les Paul Blood Moon Black Friday exclusive

Gibson Les Paul Blood Moon Black Friday exclusive: $2,999
It’s not cheap, but this is as luxurious as modern Les Pauls come, with a bound quilt maple-finished top and flame maple neck. A wealth of switching options and a compound-radius ebony fingerboard make this a killer addition to the collection of any well-heeled contemporary guitar player.

Gretsch G2657T Streamliner

Gretsch G2657T Streamliner: was $549, now $399, save $150
Decked out in a stunning Ocean Turquoise finish and packing Gretsch's Broad'Tron humbucking pickups and a licensed Bigsby vibrato, this streamlined semi-hollow is an absolute steal – especially for under $400.

Gretsch G2627T Streamliner

Gretsch G2627T Streamliner: was $599, now $449, save $150
With a trio of Broad’Tron humbucking pickups, a 12”-radius laurel fingerboard with 22 medium jumbo frets on a nato neck, plus a Bigsby-licensed B70 vibrato tailpiece, the G2627T packs a tantalizing mix of classy looks and a rebellious sonic attitude. Available in Georgia Green and Shoreline Gold finishes, with an almighty $150 discount.

Schecter Guitar Research C-1 Platinum Electric Guitar Satin Transparent Midnight Blue

Schecter C-1 Platinum: was $599, now $449 at Guitar Center
If your tastes lean towards metal and shred, the C-1 Platinum is a killer purchase – especially with $149 knocked off the asking price. Kitted out with EMG pickups and an Ultra Access neck joint, it's built for heavy tones and speedy licks. It's available in Satin Transparent Midnight Blue and Translucent Black finishes.

Squier Stratocaster guitar pack: $219, now $169.99, save $50

Squier Stratocaster guitar pack: $219, now $169.99, save $50
This Squier guitar pack will get you playing fast, with everything you need to get started: a Squier Stratocaster, Frontman practice amp, cable, strap and picks. But you'll also receive access to Fender's Play software for three months. With plenty of lessons and songs, it's sure to keep you busy! Choose between Olympic White or 3-Color Sunburst.

Last year's Guitar Center Black Friday acoustic guitar deals

Gretsch G5027CE Rancher Jumbo

Gretsch G5027CE Rancher Jumbo: Was $599, now $499.99
If there's any instrument brand that's stood the test of time, it's Gretsch. Founded in 1883, the company has been producing top quality guitars, basses, drums and more for almost 140 years. Its expertise is truly apparent in this G5027CE Rancher Jumbo. Featuring a solid spruce top with laminated flame maple back and sides, a mahogany neck and 21-fret rosewood fingerboard and a Fishman Presys III pickup/preamp system, this guitar has the looks, playability and tone to earn a spot on your rack.

Fender California Newporter player

Fender California Newporter Player Teal Satin: Only $329.99
This one breaks the $300 mark, but we promise, the extra investment will pay dividends. The Fender California Newporter Player is set up for incredible tone and playability, boasting a solid Sitka spruce top, mahogany back and sides, satin-finished mahogany neck, 20-fret walnut fingerboard and Fishman pickup system. Visually, it's a real eye-catcher, too. With a top finished in a luxurious Teal Satin, a two-ring rosette and a Strat-style headstock, you'll be turning heads all the while this baby's in your hands.

Alvarez Regent RD260CE Dreadnought: $299, now $199

Alvarez Regent RD260CE Dreadnought: $299, now $199
The Regent Series from Alvarez offers stunning value for money already, but knock $100 off and that deal just gets better. With a laminate spruce top and scalloped bracing, Alvarez is looking to deliver as much resonance and sustain for your buck as possible. The dreadnought version is a great all-rounder, complete with on-board pickup, EQ, and a built-in tuner. The cutaway gives you full access across the fretboard, plus the sunburst finish is sure to appeal if you’re bored of natural spruce.

Epiphone Hummingbird PRO Cutaway in Wine Red

Epiphone Hummingbird PRO Cutaway in Wine Red: $379.99
If looks are what you're after, look no further than the Epiphone Hummingbird PRO Cutaway in Wine Red. The finish alone is a head-turner, but that pickguard decal just demands attention. If you're a beginner with a little more budget to spend, this guitar will be a worthy ally in your quest for acoustic wizardry.

Fender FA-135CE guitar: Was $199.99, now $149.99

Fender FA-135CE guitar: Was $199.99, now $149.99
You really can’t go wrong with the big ‘F’ on the headstock. The slim neck and comfortable body size mean this guitar is impossible to put down, making the Fender FA-135CE a perfect beginner instrument. Natural, Black, Sunburst and classy all-mahogany finishes are all available from Guitar Center, who are knocking off $50.

Last year's Guitar Center Black Friday guitar amp deals

Vox Limited-Edition AC10C1

Vox Limited-Edition AC10C1: $599 $499, save $100
The AC10 is the more practical take on the AC15, capturing the iconic British tone that fueled the Beatles, U2 and Radiohead, but at volume levels less likely to enrage your neighbors. This limited-edition offering comes with a 10” Celestion Creamback speaker, onboard reverb and suave black finish – not to mention a $100 discount at Guitar Center.


Blackstar Fly 3 Pink Paisley micro amp: $59, now $49
If this isn’t the coolest-looking micro amp on the market, then we don’t know what is. The Fly 3 has always sounded far bigger than its size might suggest, and now it has some huge looks to match. It’s the perfect amp for students or beginner players, with clean and overdrive sounds and an onboard delay, and it doubles as a handy portable speaker thanks to the aux in jack.

Last year's Guitar Center Black Friday guitar pedal deals

Get two TC Electronic guitar pedals for only $75 @Guitar Center

TC Electronic pedals: were $69, now $39 each, save $30
11 of TC's well-respected effects pedals have received hefty discounts at Guitar Center, so if you're looking to expand your pedalboard, now's the time. Chorus, reverb, delay, distortion, drive, overdrive – whatever you're after, all effects are covered in one of the best deals you'll see this holiday season.

Last year's Guitar Center Black Friday bass deals

Sterling by Music Man StingRay Bass

Sterling by Music Man StingRay Bass: $799 $599, save $200
This updated take on the classic StingRay Bass outline boasts an oh-so-desirable roasted maple neck for smooth playability, while a three-band active preamp provides a wide range of tones. You can save $200 on this natural-finished beauty right now at Guitar Center.

Jackson JS Series Concert Bass

Jackson JS Series Concert Bass: $199 $149, save $50
Holy Neon Green finish, Batman! If you’re looking to stand out on your next gig – or, more likely livestream – this limited-edition Jackson is the way to go, especially for bassists on a budget. It’s a bass designed for speed, courtesy of a 34” scale maple neck with graphite reinforcement and scarf joint for superb tuning stability.

Squier Jazz Bass & Fender Rumble bass amp pack: $100 off!

Squier Jazz Bass & Fender Rumble bass amp pack: $100 off! Everything you need to get started on bass. The easy-playing, professional-sounding Squier Affinity Jazz Bass, the portable, powerful Fender Rumble 15 bass combo, a gig bag, strap, cable, and a free 3-month subscription to Fender Play – all for just $230 at Guitar Center!

Markbass CMD102P 2x10 Bass amp: Was $1,199.99, now $799.99

Markbass CMD102P 2x10 Bass amp: $1,199.99, now $799.99
The Markbass CMD102P is a tilt-back bass combo that features a built-in Little Mark II preamp to help beef up your bass tone. The two 10” neodymium speakers provide plenty of power, and the 4-band EQ allows you to shape your tone any way you want. Guitar Center has slashed the price by a ridiculous $400, so bass players - don’t miss out. 

Last year's Guitar Center Black Friday accessory deals

Boss BP-PS Pedal Power Solution: was $149, now $99

Boss BP-PS Pedal Power Solution: $149 $99 at Guitar Center
Get your pedalboard kitted out with these essential elements for a bargain price. The TU-3 Chromatic Tuner will keep your performances sounding in tune, while the PSB-120 power supply has enough current to power an entire ’board. A seven-way daisy chain and 12 picks round off this impressive package, now a third off at Guitar Center.

Dunlop Trigger Curved Guitar Capo: was $20.99, now $13.99

Dunlop Trigger Curved Guitar Capo: Was $19.99, now $11.99
Dunlop is one of the biggest names in guitar capos, and its industry-standard trigger design are available with a $8 discount, in gold and black finishes. 

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