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Mad Professor’s FUZZ32 is a hand-wired germanium fuzz “without the shortcomings”

(Image credit: Mad Professor)

Mad Professor Amplification has unveiled the FUZZ32 pedal, a new limited-edition, hand-wired germanium fuzz pedal “without the shortcomings."

According to Mad Professor, this means offering a stable fuzz circuit that “is not as delicate to temperature” as vintage fuzz faces, and at a more affordable price point.

The new pedal sports volume, tone and fuzz knobs, as well as a boost toggle.

Mad Professor also added output in order to “reach the unity gain and boost too, even with the mildest amounts of fuzz.”

The FUZZ32 is being offered in a very limited quantity of 96 pedals (32 each in blue, red and turquoise). Blue is available now for €290 (approx. $320).

For more information or to purchase, head to Mad Professor.