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Malina Moye Premieres "Enough" Music Video

(Image credit: WCE Records)

Today, Guitar World has teamed up with guitarist Malina Moye to premiere her latest music video, "Enough." The vintage-influenced, slow-burnin' rock-and-soul tune is from Moye's latest album, Bad As I Wanna Be, which is available now via WCE Records.

"The record's sound is a reflection of my DNA growing up in Ohio and Minnesota," says Moye, who has been covered by Guitar World (in print and online) several times over the past five years. "Being influenced by the Minneapolis sound, I can't help but blend funk, rock and soul. I'd like to think I'm concocting my own musical identity within today's music landscape and have always looked at myself as the next generation of that sound with the goal of evolving and creating something contemporary."

Bad As I Wanna Be, which was produced by Bjorn "Polarbear" Soderberg (Korn, Kendrick Lamar), showcases Moye's vocal prowess, songwriting and — of course — guitar playing. In fact, Moye's Fender Strat takes center stage at the 2:56 mark, when she rips into an emotional guitar solo that closes out the song.

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Damian Fanelli

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