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Maton unveils celebratory Made From Melbourne guitar, constructed using woods from iconic music venues

Australian guitar manufacturer Maton has unveiled its latest eye-catching project – an electric guitar made from materials taken from iconic Melbourne-based music venues, and which will be the focus of an upcoming Made From Melbourne documentary.

The Matt Weston-directed feature-length film, set to air on Saturday April 24, will take a deep dive into the one-of-a-kind Maton MM3000's construction, exploring the venues from which it was created and showcasing the musical roots of the city.

Names set to appear in the film include some of the city's biggest and best, such as Adalita, Jon Toogood, Ross Knight, Jane Gazzo and Tim Rogers.

Based on Maton’s existing BB1200 guitar, the unique semi-hollow six-string sports woods from numerous locations, boasting a neck from the Cherry Bar, a back from the Corner Hotel, internal components from the Hotel Esplanade and a body from the Tote Hotel.

Once constructed, it is said that the guitar will spend its days commuting between the venues which generously lent it its timber, and will be free to play by local and visiting artists following the premiere of the documentary.

Made From Melbourne is backed by the Support Act, a charity committed to supporting artists and other music workers who are in need of emergency relief services.

“Our goal is to provide breathing space to help members of the music industry to get back on track when they have hit a rough patch,” the charity’s website reads. “Support Act raises funds from the music industry and its supporters.”

For information, head over to Made From Melbourne.

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Maton MM3000

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Maton MM3000

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Maton MM3000

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