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Meet Torres: Guitarist Mackenzie Scott Featured on Latest 'Guitar Power' — Video

Twenty-four-year-old Mackenzie Scott, who records and performs as Torres, is the latest star of Guitar Power, a new web series by D'Addario and Rolling Stone.

Writes Richard Bienstock:

"Throughout her recent second album, Sprinter, she reveals deeply personal, occasionally devastating biographical details—the despair of an adoptive child; a betrayal at the hands of a pastor; crippling fears of death and desertion—and sets it to music that runs the gamut from spare, voice-and-acoustic-guitar confessionals ('The Exchange') and noir-ish Americana ('Ferris Wheel') to burbling electro-pop ('Cowboy Guilt') and howling, Nirvana-like aggro-rock ("Strange Hellos").

"Of that last song, Scott says with a slight laugh, 'That was definitely my 'Scentless Apprentice' [from Nirvana's In Utero] on this record. Especially in the drum sound. There's really no getting around that."

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