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Mercury Magnetics Offers Free Transformer Service for Guitar Amp Owners Affected by Tropical Storm Sandy

If your amp was submerged or has sustained any water damage whatsoever due to Tropical Storm Sandy, do not turn it on. Wet transformers can be dangerous to the amp and owner.

Mercury Magnetics is volunteering its expertise and offering a free guitar and H-Fi Amp transformer service for all storm-victim guitar amps.

Here’s how it works: Mercury has the technology specifically designed to help salvage and restore water-damaged transformers. The process includes a battery of testing, a custom process of evacuating the moisture, re-varnishing and re-baking of any transformer at no charge for the service. They’re only asking that you pay the shipping each way.

“This is a vitally important FREE service we’re offering." says Patrick Selfridge, Mercury’s Service & Support Network Manager. "We hope that everyone takes advantage of it. Especially for the vintage and rare amps that otherwise are never going to sound the same if this process isn’t done correctly. There’s a potential tragedy of some historically important tone being lost forever if the transformers are not properly brought back to life. We’re happy to say that we had a better than 90 percent success rate with those from the Nashville Flood and Katrina disaster. All of us at Mercury are happy to help everyone through this tough time.”

Note that Mercury has specialized equipment for this purpose. Because this process cannot be duplicated at home, please do not attempt, and do not attempt to power up any amp without having the transformers serviced. To do so will almost certainly harm them. If a transformer is found to be damaged beyond repair, Mercury will offer the choice of a rewind, replacement or upgrade — at substantial good guy discounts.

Contact Mercury for any questions or concerns you may have and for special shipping instructions. Transformers must be removed from the amp by a qualified tech and complete amplifiers are not to be sent.

Contact Mercury Magnetics:

Patrick Selfridge:, 818-998-7791,