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Meshuggah Drummer Tomas Haake on New Album: "It Sounds Organic, More Visceral"

Drummer Tomas Haake of Swedish metal giants Meshuggah recently sat down with MSN to talk about the band's latest album, Koloss. A few excerpts from the chat follow.

On wanting to take a more organic approach to Koloss: "We wanted to do it like that, definitely. We ended up not doing it like that after all, basically because it’s so easy to fall back into the routines of the last two albums, how we’re used to doing things. There was only one track on this album, I guess it’s a step forward from some of the previous stuff, the track 'Swarm' which was a track that we actually rehearsed as a whole band, where we came with suggestions and made changes to it as a band. We kind of feel like we want to do everything like that, but at the same time we’re so accustomed to doing everything on computers.

"That is also a very fast way for us to do it, just because we’re accustomed to doing it that way. But at the same time you can lose a little bit of that feeling of you actually being a band, from when you’re out playing. So that was the attempt, to bring in more of that vibe back. We tried. And failed. [laughs] But it’s all good, we were still able to put this thing together, and I think it came out pretty cool. The organic side of things is at least there sound-wise I think. It’s definitely a warmer album. Even though it’s very brutal, the drums sound more organic, the guitar tone is a bit less in the digital soundscape. It all depends a bit on what track you’re listening to as well, but I definitely think that it sounds organic, more visceral. And for some weird reason that kind of makes it even more brutal."

On the eclectic nature of the new album: "Yeah, definitely. That’s something that fuses the whole album, I would say. It wasn’t so much like an outspoken idea that we went for when we started recording the album, but the more we got into it we just felt that these songs really need to swing for them to stand out the way they’re meant to. So there was definitely a lot of effort on everyone’s behalf, trying to get that groove."

You can read the full interview here.

Koloss is set for release on March 27 via Nuclear Blast Records.