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Metallica Team Up with Budweiser for Limited-Edition Beer

Metallica fans who attended the band's shows in Quebec City, Canada, this past Wednesday were greeted by an unusual sight: a 48-foot tanker truck filled with Metallica-branded beer.

The beer, which is brewed by Labatt, is a limited-edition product meant to commemorate the band's appearance at a brand-new venue, the Centre Vidéotron.

According to the Centre Vidéotron:

"Budweiser has partnered with legendary rock band Metallica to channel the brute force of this historic show and be inspired by its vibrations, its energy and its decibels to create a beer in the image of the power of rock."

The beer will get a wider release in Canada later this month. About 100,000 cases of the black-canned stuff will hit store shelves in Quebec.

A release from Labatt says, "During the concert, the sonic vibrations from Metallica's music will be infused into the liquid, creating the rock and roll recipe." Nice! The beer's tag line is Coulée dans le rock (cast in rock). Labatt is the Canadian subsidiary of Anheuser-Busch InBev, the Brazilian-Belgian beer giant.

Here's a video of Metallica stealing some beer.