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Metallica/Lou Reed Announce Details of 'Lulu' Special Edition Packages

Waiting for more Loutallica news? We knew you were.

The collaborative album from Metallica and Lou Reed is set for release on November 1, with a single, "The View," already available on iTunes. Now, you can head over to the group's store to check out all all of the special packages of the album available.

A 2-CD package is the baseline, but packages also include a vinyl 2-LP set, a 2-CD set complete with book and all the way up to the a $120 poster set, which includes "a poster of the “Lulu” mannequin and song lyrics, three high quality prints of Anton Corbijn photos of Lou Reed and Metallica, and the double CD of Lulu in a unique folding slipcase."

If you haven't heard it yet, head here to check out the full version of "The View."