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Mojo Hand FX reveals Mu-Tron filter-aping Little Wonder

Mojo Hand FX Little Wonder
(Image credit: Mojo Hand FX)

Texas-based boutique manufacturer Mojo Hand FX has expanded its stompbox repertoire, introducing an evolution of its Wonder Filter pedal - the Little Wonder.

Made in the US and housed in a compact chassis, the Little Wonder's circuitry is designed to emulate Mu-Tron's highly sought-after '70s filter pedal.

Controls include Blend - which allows users to control the mix of wet and dry signal - Peak, Gain and a center button for selecting between Band Pass or Low Pass filter options.

Check out the video below for an in-depth look at the pedal's capabilities.

The pedal will retail for $149 upon its release later this month. For more information, head to Mojo Hand FX.

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