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Mojo Hand FX's Dream Mender promises iconic DMM delay tones from a compact pedal

(Image credit: Mojo Hand FX)

Mojo Hand has released the Dream Mender, a DSP-based echo, vibrato and delay pedal designed to offer up classic '70s-style DMM (that would be Deluxe Memory Man) tones in a more compact enclosure.

The Dream Mender, which was first unveiled in a video from JHS Pedals, sports a simple three-knob layout (delay, blend, feedback); dial the blend knob left of center for echo only, and twist it to the right to add modulation to the repeats. Mojo Hand also points out that the pedal will “self oscillate” when the feedback knob is maxed.

A push button located beneath the blend knob, meanwhile, selects between chorus and vibrato.

Additionally, Mojo Hand claims to have “filtered and tweaked” the analog bucket brigade chip sound of the original for clearer repeats and almost double the delay time.

The initial run of 50 numbered Dream Menders is sold out, but Mojo Hand has a second batch, with a clear-coated brushed finish, ready to go for $159.

To grab one, head over to Mojo Hand FX