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Mooer returns to mini pedals with the funky-sounding E7 Synth

Mooer has stepped away from its run of fully featured multi-effects pedals to return to mini pedals with the E7 Synth.

Boasting seven analog-style synth voices, the E7 promises to span trumpet and organ-style sounds to ambient pads and 8-bit settings.

Coolest of all is the arpeggiator function, activated by holding down the footswitch - something that sets the E7 apart from its numerous competitors.

Mooer E7 Synth pedal

(Image credit: Mooer Audio)

Speed, attack, high-cut, low-cut and mix knobs are onboard to adjust the signal, with seven slots into which you can save your sounds.

If the GE300’s synth engine is anything to go by, this should be something special indeed.

The E7 Synth is available now - see Mooer for, erm, more.