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Mother Feather Premiere New Song, "Snakebite"

Today, we've teamed up with NYC glam rockers Mother Feather to premiere their terrific new single, "Snakebite." You can check it out above.

Though it clocks in at less than two minutes, "Snakebite" is a healthy serving of big, irresistible hooks, punk attitude and rock showmanship at its top-dollar best. It's the second single from the group's upcoming sophomore album, Constellation Baby, which is out November 2 via Metal Blade.

"An homage to the evil impulse and the speed of its ambush, I wrote 'Snakebite' in a hot 20 minutes," the band's frontwoman, Ann Courtney, told Guitar World. "With its production setting it in the cinematic imagination of an Eighties punk cult-film, this is the riotous theme song for your psycho ex-girlfriend with an axe to grind."

You can preorder Constellation Baby right here.

For more on Mother Feather, stop by their Facebook page