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Nail open tunings with Foxgear's new Multitune polyphonic tuner

(Image credit: courtesy of Foxgear)

Italian pedal maker Foxgear has introduced the Multitune compact effect pedal, which the company touts as the only stompbox capable of tuning a guitar polyphonically in open tunings.

At the core of the Multitune is an AnalogDevices DSP, which Foxgear uses to run its note detection software, and a digital compressor that allows players to tune each note by gently striking the strings of the guitar only one at a time.

Of course, the Multitune also has a chromatic tuning function, and also boasts relay assisted, true-bypass circuitry, top-loading jacks and a super-bright and large display that spans roughly the entire top half of the enclosure.

The pedal operates on 9-12V and is available for just $89. For more information, head over to Foxgear