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NAMM 2020: Explore the cosmos with Hamstead Soundworks' Subspace Intergalactic Driver

(Image credit: Hamstead Soundworks)

NAMM 2020: It's no secret that here at Guitar World, we love our colorfully named and themed overdrive pedals. So perhaps it's no surprise then that the Subspace Intergalactic Driver, the new effects unit from U.K.-based Hamstead Soundworks, has caught our eye.

Made for both guitarists and bassists, the Subspace pedal is based on the all-analogue-circuitry from the company’s Odyssey Intergalactic Driver, re-voiced with more focus on mid-range and low-end frequencies.

On the controls front, the pedal features Tone, Bass, Treble, Gain, Parallel and Level knobs, in addition to a -10dB pad switch.

Hamstead Subspace Intergalactic Driver

Hamstead Subspace Intergalactic Driver (Image credit: Hamstead Soundworks)

The Parallel control splits the input signal with a buffer, allowing the full clean signal to run in parallel with the drive circuit without phase issues, or the guitarist losing their tone's original profile.

The Subspace pedal also features three mini toggle switches. The first toggles the active EQ circuit, the second offers total control of the guitar’s input, while the third offers control over symmetrical, asymmetrical and multiple clipping circuits - giving the user everything from heavily processed to fully transparent drive sounds.

The Hamstead Soundworks Subspace Intergalactic Driver is available now for $319. Head over to Hamstead for more info.