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NAMM 2020 video: Take a close-up look at Blackstar's new Sonnet Series

NAMM 2020: Blackstar recently announced their new line of acoustic guitar amps - the Sonnet Series - in the run-up to this year's show. The line is designed to faithfully reproduce the natural sound of your guitar, without any additional tonal coloration, unless you specifically want it to.

The line was developed in collaboration with acoustic virtuoso Jon Gomm, and features both 60W and 120W models. Each model features both a microphone and instrument channel, as well as an EQ, built-in reverb and XLR and USB outputs.

There is also a built-in tilt on each model for tailoring the angle to achieve optimum sonic projection.

Guitar World's Digital Editor-in-Chief, Michael Astley-Brown, paid a visit to the Blackstar booth at NAMM to get the lowdown on the Sonnet Series. 

For more information, head to Blackstar.