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Never lose your pick again with Ernie Ball’s new Pickholder Straps

Ernie Ball's new Pickholder Straps
(Image credit: Ernie Ball )

There are few things more frustrating than plugging in, tuning up and… not having a guitar pick in sight.

Thanks to Ernie Ball's new Pickholder Straps, those plectrum woes might be a thing of the past.

The fully-adjustable polypro design features an extended leather end that houses up to three guitar picks on the lower front end of the guitar strap.

(Image credit: Ernie Ball )

The leather ends, meanwhile, are embroidered on two-inch wide polypropylene webbing for added durability and strength.

The Pickholder Straps are available for $9.99 in a variety of colors, including black, white, burgundy and rainbow, and the overall length measures 41 inches to 72 inches.

Now if EB can just create a strap that fishes picks out of an acoustic’s soundhole…

For more information, head to Ernie Ball.