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Never lose your Allen key again with the HexHider, a magnetic tool that attaches to your guitar’s headstock

(Image credit: HexHider)

AP International has announced distribution of the HexHider, a magnetic hex tool that attaches to the back of the guitar’s headstock without permanent installation.

The 3mm Allen key, designed to unlock Floyd Rose-equipped electric guitars, uses a Neodymium magnet to hold the tool in place when in use, and magnetically attaches to any tuning machine on the back of the headstock for easy storage.

The wrench itself, meanwhile, unlocks nuts for easier fine tuner resets, to loosen the string lock screws at the bridge for quicker string changes and to make bridge post height adjustments on all authentic Floyd Rose tremolos as well as other licensed versions.

The HexHider is available for $9.49, and comes in packs of one, two and four.

For more information, head to HexHider.