New Dimebag Darrell Book in the Works

About a week shy of the fourth anniversary of the death of guitar legend Dimebag Darrell Abbott, his brother Vinnie Paul Abbott told MTV2’s about an in-depth, authorized Dimebag biography currently being written by Guitar World's Nick Bowcott. “They were really good friends, and he covered all of Dime’s interviews for Guitar World for years and years and years,” Paul told the Blog during a 35-minute long podcast interview. “So, out of all the people we could think of, we felt like he was the perfect dude to actually write his biography.” Bowcott started working on the project four months ago and Paul predicts that he’ll be doing research and conducting interviews for the next year before he starts writing. Until then, Dime’s fans can check out another authorized book, Dimebag: He Came to Rock!, a photo-driven history assembled by Paul and his father, country musician and producer Jerry Abbott, which came out November 18. “Not only does it have photos from amazing photographers that have shot us over the years, it also has all kinds of personal photos from my collection and my dad’s collections and photos from friends and family members,” Paul said. “That really makes it much more of a down-home, honest feeling book.” In addition to talking to about the history of Dimebag: He Came to Rock! Paul discussed the time Dime met his hero Eddie Van Halen, why Damageplan was misunderstood, what happened to original Hellyeah bassist Jerry Montano and how the Damageplan demos recorded in preparation for the band’s second album will someday be released. Check out the full podcast here.