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Night Ranger announce first album in four years, ATBPO, launch searing first single, Breakout

Night Ranger
(Image credit: Mike Pont/Getty Images)

Night Ranger have announced their 12th studio album – and first in four years – ATBPO. Kicking off proceedings, the San Francisco hard-rockers have unleashed the record's lead single, Breakout

Busting out the gate with an ascending dual electric guitar line, guitarists Brad Gillis and Keri Kelli offer up a dizzying – and rather diverse – array of classic rock-inspired riffs, as well as a face-melting supply of lead lines to boot. Listen to the track below.

The band began writing the album in early 2020 – before the onset of the coronavirus pandemic – however due to the restrictions that followed, the group recorded each of their parts separately.

Explains Gillis: “It’s been a crazy but fun task trying to write and finish this new record in a Covid situation. A few zoom video gatherings got us started. With everybody in the band having their own home studios, we were all able to elaborate and add our own textures to each song.

“As a vintage guitar collector, I was able to add some great classic sounds to rhythm and solos using my '57 Strat and '52 Goldtop!”

Adds bassist/vocalist Jack Blades: “The process was strange but the outcome rocks.”

ATBPO – which stands for ‘And The Band Played On’ – follows the band's previous studio album, Don't Let Up. It is the second Night Ranger album to feature Keri Kelli, after previous guitarist Joel Hoekstra left to join Whitesnake in 2014.

The new album arrives in various formats on August 6 via Frontiers Music Srl. Preorder is available now.

Check out the tracklisting for ATBPO below:

  1. Coming For You
  2. Bring It All Home To Me
  3. Breakout
  4. Hard To Make It Easy
  5. Can't Afford A Hero
  6. Cold As December
  7. Dance
  8. The Hardest Road
  9. Monkey
  10. A Lucky Man
  11. Tomorrow
  12. Savior (Bonus Track – CD and LP Versions only)

Night Ranger – ATBPO

(Image credit: Frontiers Music Srl)

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