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Nile Rodgers joins forces with Steven Wilson for funk-driven remix of Personal Shopper

[L-R] Nile Rodgers and Steven Wilson
(Image credit: Sergione Infuso/Corbis via Getty Images / Future)

Nile Rodgers has offered up a remix of Personal Shopper, the first single from Steven Wilson's latest album The Future Bites.

True to form, the guitar legend injects a dose of Chic-esque funk into the original's techno/disco-flavored arrangement, and to undeniably groovy effect. Take a listen to the remix below:

Says Wilson: “You can probably tell from Personal Shopper that I grew up hearing a lot of disco music played in the Wilson house, including the classic Chic masterpieces. So it’s an absolute thrill to have Nile stamp his legendary signature sound on the track.”

Steven Wilson's latest album The Future Bites – which arrived in January – was markedly sparse in terms of guitar as a focal instrument.

In an interview with Australian Guitar last month, the prog-rocker explained how he approached writing the album's six-string parts in “a different context – a more electronic context”.

“It’s about thinking more of the guitar as a sound source, which is there to be processed – it’s not a sacred thing,” he said. “You can take a guitar and you can fuck it up, you can put it through plugins and you can put it through pedals and you can reverse it, slow it down, speed it up – I’ve done all of those things on this record!”

The Future Bites is available now via Arts & Crafts.

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