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Old Blood Noise Endeavors debuts versatile, slider-equipped Fault V2 overdrive/distortion pedal

(Image credit: Old Blood Noise Endeavors )

Old Blood Noise Endeavors has announced the Fault V2, which updates the company’s overdrive/distortion pedal with “greater gain ranges, voice control and additional clipping options.”

New features include a Boost switch that sets the range of the Gain 1 knob from “clean to mean,” and a Voice knob that controls the overall tone of the drive heading into the three-band EQ.

The Crush toggle, meanwhile, offers a final clipping stage right before the output.

The V2 also features a footswitchable second gain stage that goes from light overdrive to heavy distortion and is highly interactive with Gain 1.

(Image credit: Old Blood Noise Endeavors )

Furthermore, the pedal features a very cool, slider-controlled three-band EQ that allows precise sculpting over low, mid and high frequencies to help cut through a mix.

The Fault V2 features relay bypass switching and runs on 9V DC power, and is available for $209.

For more information, head to Old Blood Noise Endeavors.