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One Control launches Dyna Red Distortion 4K, Pale Blue Compressor and Blackberry Bass Overdrive pedals

One Control Dyna Red Distortion 4K, Pale Blue Compressor and Blackberry Bass Overdrive pedals
(Image credit: One Control)

Japanese company One Control has officially released three new pedals, in collaboration with Swedish pedal design legend, Björn Juhl.

The new releases include the Pale Blue Compressor, Blackberry Bass Overdrive and Dyna Red Distortion 4K, all of which conform with the company's existing color-themed visual aesthetic and naming convention.

Pale Blue Compressor

(Image credit: One Control)

The Pale Blue Compressor features an intelligent attack/decay circuit, which One Control say will automatically adjust between long and short transients for a "fader riding" effect.

It also features a very low-noise amplifier circuit that enables it to be used both before and after overdrives, fuzzes, and distortion pedals.

Dyna Red Distortion 4K

(Image credit: One Control)

The Dyna Red Distortion 4K is a multi-purpose and highly adaptable distortion stompbox. One Control says: "If you want to have complete control of a wide range of heavy gain, the Dyna Red 4K will give you all that you desire."

Its dynamic qualities means it works as well with solid-state amps as it does tube amps.

Blackberry Bass Overdrive

(Image credit: One Control)

The Blackberry Bass Overdrive is lightweight and, as you probably guessed, designed for bass players, but works for guitarists, also. The pedal helps players achieve a sound similar to a large tube bass amp being driven hard at concert volume, but in a compact format.

One Control has taken the very first BBOD (Baby Blue Overdrive) model and added a body knob, allowing users to precisely dial in their desired level of mid-range body.

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