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Opinionhut offers music makers the chance to get quick, unbiased feedback on their songs

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Whether you need feedback on a new lead electric guitar hook you're writing, or an unbiased opinion on an acoustic guitar chord progression you've been working on, Opinionhut promises to provide you with a platform where such advice can be received.

Described as a forum free of the harassment and trolling that tarnishes Facebook groups and YouTube channels, Opinionhut founders Pawel Kobak and Jens Ammitzböll say their new free-to-use service allows music makers to give and receive quick, quality feedback.

While there are existing places online for music feedback, "they all have serious flaws" and are "rife with trolling and harassment by attention-seeking commenters who use them in a toxic way to boost their ego," says Ammitzböll.

Similarly, getting genuine feedback from friends and family can be a task, especially if their opinion tends to be too friendly.

Enter Opinionhut, which vows to eliminate trolls from its site, sparing you the task of having to sift through the rubbish to get the goods. Simply post your project and wait for the other users to post their opinions. The service also lets you remain anonymous, if you wish.

Opinionhut feedback

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If you're wondering whether your neo-soul solo needs more chromatic intrigue or your prog-rock tracks need more swift sweeps, Opinionhut aims to be the place you go to in search of answers.

You can also offer up your own expertise on the guitar by listening to other projects and providing constructive advice that you think would make the track better.

Opinionhut is available now in its beta version.