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Origin Effects reissues hugely popular Cali76 studio-grade compressor

(Image credit: courtesy of Origin Effects)

Since its introduction in 2012, the Cali76-TX has remained one of the most popular studio-grade compressor pedals on the market.

More recently, the original 1960’s-style FET circuitry was squeezed into the smaller Compact Deluxe effect pedal enclosure size. But now Origin, in celebration of building its 10,000th Compact Deluxe, has announced a limited reissue of the original Cali76-TX, bolstered with an additional Class-A transistor stage driving a high-spec output transformer and a balanced line/DI.

The Cali76-TX features a custom-wound iron core transformer designed to “subtly saturate and add extra harmonic complexity” at higher gain levels, while a second model, the Cali76-TX-L, boasts a high-end Lundahl transformer for what Origin describes as the “ultra-linear performance, transparent low end and flat phase response that many users prefer for use in the studio and on bass guitar.”

Both pedals include a 12-stage LED gain reduction meter, Ratio, Attack, Release, Input/Comp and Output controls, the new balanced line-level/DI output and a high/low gain switch.

The Cali76-TX ($639) and Cali76-TX-L ($749) limited edition reissues are available now at Origin Effects.