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Phil Anselmo Open to Teaming With Zakk Wylde for Dimebag Darrell Tribute

Phil Anselmo says he is open to teaming up with Zakk Wylde to write a tribute to Dimebag Darrell.

As the 10-year anniversary of Dimebag's death draws nearer, the former Pantera frontman says he'd prefer to write and record a song celebrating the guitarist's life, rather than penning a tribute to mark the anniversary of his death.

It follows Wylde's comments last year that he'd like to fill in for Abbot in a Pantera reunion to honor his friend.

Anselmo said to Artisan News, “If Zakk and I ever collaborated, if we wanted to write an homage to Dimebag together, that would be one thing and I would definitely be up for that. But not for his death; I would prefer to write a song that celebrated his life.

“I don't think there's any tribute in his death. I find it to be a more morose time of year for me.”

Wylde's Black Label Society and Anselmo's Down are on tour together; last week, Anselmo joined Wylde's band onstage for a performance of Pantera's "I'm Broken."

Anselmo has hinted in the past he would be open to a Pantera reunion, but he and drummer Vinnie Paul, Dimebag's brother, would need to settle their long-running feud before that could happen.

Vinnie said this week that he keeps Dimebag close to his heart as he continues his musical career, adding, "The only pressure I’ve ever felt is not to let my brother down and not to let myself down."

Abbott was shot and killed while onstage with his band Damageplan in Columbus, Ohio, in December 2004.