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Play This Now: Whitesnake's Joel Hoekstra teaches you a truly jaw-dropping extended solo passage

Guitarist Joel Hoekstra has enjoyed a diverse and storied career, serving six years to date in British hard-rock legends Whitesnake, touring with Trans-Siberian Orchestra and even working with pop icon Cher.

And, in fact, we'd rank his ongoing contributions to Guitar World right up there with those achievements. Adding to the portfolio, today, the guitarist shows us how to play a mind-bending solo run, sections of which he performs live with Whitesnake.

Hoekstra throws everything in his technical arsenal at the solo as he glides through nimble two-handed tapping lines, hammer-on/pull-off passages and dextrous hybrid picking phrases with ease.

And if you thought the show of dexterity would end at Hoekstra's hands, think again. The shred master throws a wah pedal into the mix, further shaping his tasty gain-driven tone.

I'm a Staff Writer at Guitar World. I've played guitar for 15+ years and have a degree in Music Technology (Mixing & Mastering). I suppose that makes me qualified to talk to you about this stuff? I'm into all genres of music, but first and foremost I love all things rock and metal.