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PRS debuts striking Sand-Blasted Swamp Ash finishes for SE models

PRS Sand-Blasted Swamp Ash electric guitars
(Image credit: PRS Guitars Europe)

PRS has announced a limited run of Sand-Blasted Swamp Ash finishes for its SE electric guitars.

The head-turning guitars feature solid swamp ash tops, which are sand-blasted then grain-filled to add color - an idea lifted from the PRS Private Stock team.

Five finishes are available - Frozen Charcoal, Fire Red, Indigo, Yellow and Emerald - and no two guitars are alike thanks to the varying grain patterns.

They’ll be available on Custom 24, Custom 24 Lefty, Custom 24 Floyd and Custom 22 models.

Just 750 guitars will be produced and available in Europe only, at the same price as existing SE models. Bring these to the USA, stat, PRS!