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Quilter Labs' SuperBlock series aims to pack big amp power and versatility into pedal formats

Quilter SuperBlock US
(Image credit: Quilter Labs)

Quilter Labs has made a habit of packing lots of power into small enclosures – see the OverDrive 202, a 200W, two-channel guitar amp that can fit in the pocket of a gig bag – and now the company has gone small once again with the SuperBlock US and SuperBlock UK pedal-format amplifiers.

The SuperBlock US features the same three voices – Tweed, Blonde and Blackface era American – as the company’s Aviator Cub amp.

The SuperBlock UK, meanwhile, boasts three entirely new voices – 1979 JMP, AC Norm and AC Top, with the latter two being Quilter’s first amps to feature AC voicings.

Quilter SuperBlock UK

(Image credit: Quilter Labs)

Both SuperBlocks function as 25-watt tube amps when powered by the included PS-24 power supply, and can also be transformed into one-watt amps via a conventional 9V power supply.

Other features include XLR and headphone outputs with two switchable cab sims and FRFR mode, an onboard limiter, digital reverb and three-band EQ.

The SuperBlock Us and SuperBlock UK are available for $249 each. For more information, head to Quilter Labs.