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Radial Engeering seeks to breath new life into your pedal collection with the EXTC-Stereo re-amper

Radial Engineering EXTC-Stereo
(Image credit: Radial Engineering)

Radial Engineering has unveiled the EXTC-Stereo, a re-amping console that allows you to run pre-recorded audio tracks through any stereo guitar effects pedal in an effort to expand your creative studio mixing experience.

An updated version of the previous single-channel EXTC, the new EXTC-Stereo allows you to record in true stereo, opening up new sonic possibilities and opportunities to experiment with your pedalboard.

From wide reverbs to ping-pong delays, Radial's EXTC-Stereo is compatible with any stereo pedal and works by running your dry audio recording through the chosen pedal and back into your audio interface.

Incorporating stereo pedals into a studio setup in such a way makes for a more flexible experience, giving greater scope for experimentation when running rhythm or lead guitar tracks through your favorite pedals.

The unit itself features 1/4" inputs and outputs for your guitar pedals, as well as send and receive controls to optimize gain staging. A blend knob also appears, adjusting how much of the wet signal is added into the dry audio recording.

Two additional buttons – a phase invert and an FX on/off – let you trigger the FX at any given moment, and correct the signal from pedals that reverse the signal polarity.

Described as a "secret weapon for mixing engineers", the EXTC-Stereo can be used on a number of audio recordings, including guitars, drums, vocals and synths.

There's no word on a listing price just yet, although we've been told the Radial Engineering EXTC-Stereo will be released in February.

For more info, head over to Radial Engineering.