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Richie Sambora Posts Fan-Created Music Video for "Come Back As Me"

As we've reported, Richie Sambora released a defiant new song called "Come Back As Me" in July.

When it was released at the time, the song didn't have a video to accompany it.

Since that time, however, one of Sambora's fans has created a video — and Sambora loved it enough to post it on his own YouTube page. You can check out the fan-created video below.

“What do you want me to say, I gave you everything I could give. But everything just wasn't enough, so I just let live and live,” sings Sambora on the track.

We don't know if the song is the precursor to an upcoming solo album; there's still very little information available at this point — but we'll keep you updated!

For more about Sambora, check out his official website.