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Ride the riff lightning with Dunlop's James Hetfield White Fang Custom Flow Pick

(Image credit: Javier Bragado / Contributor / Getty)

Want to play like James Hetfield? A few years, or decades, of practice might be a good start.

But it also couldn’t hurt to get your hands on one of Dunlop’s new James Hetfield White Fang Custom Flow picks.

The new plectrum, designed in conjunction with the Metallica singer and guitarist, uses Dunlop’s Flow Standard Pick 1.0mm as a starting point, but boosts the weight up to 1.14mm.

(Image credit: courtesy of Dunlop)

From there, the White Fang adds in the blended beveled edges from Hetfield’s previous signature pick, the Black Fang, for a “super snappy attack.”

Finally, there’s a custom grip pattern for extra hold when picking at Master of Puppets-level speeds.

“It’s fast and sleek and easy to grip,”  Hetfield says. “And it’s easy to see it when you throw it out in the crowd.”

For more information, head to Dunlop. And to see the pick in action, check out Hetfield’s demo below.