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Rigs of Dad unleashes the Kugescreamer - the only overdrive pedal with controls for Tone, More Tone and Most Tone

Whenever Guitar World is on the lookout for the next poker-hot gun-slinger to brand with our seal of approval, we prod, shake and wrestle our tablet devices over to Rigs of Dad, the Instagram account that shines a 2,000-watt spotlight on the hardest-grafting blue-collar fretworkers to hail from Pudgemont, the USA’s unofficial epicenter of local post-grunge supergroups.

Now, one of our favorite parody - sorry to break it to ya - accounts has partnered with Chicago Music Exchange and Keeley Electronics to release the Kugescreamer overdrive pedal, which promises to “produce more weight than an Oscar-hungry Christian Bale”.

Key to the Kugescreamer’s massive tone is, erm, three tone controls: Tone (gain), More Tone (tone) and Most Tone (volume), as well as a Lo/Hi switch. The tone itself? Well, we’d say it knocks it out of the hot-modded Tube Screamer ballpark.

Rigs of Dad Kugescreamer

(Image credit: Chicago Music Exchange)

So, if you’re seeking to upgrade your usual six-string hunting ground from the Nugget Hustle to the Pooge, the Kugescreamer is your one-way, premium economy ticket to hot-licksville.

Price of entry? $149, and a portion of the proceeds goes to Be Fido’s Friend, a Chicago-based animal advocacy and rescue organization - so you can be a big dawg and save a big dog at the same time.

Steer your browser into Chicago Music Exchange’s retail port for more info.

Michael Astley-Brown

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