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Seymour Duncan Introduces the Electric Slug — Video

If you ask acoustic guitarists what they’re looking for from their guitars, they’ll all tell you the same thing, whether they play folk, country, blues, country-blues, blues-folk, folk-country or even classical.

They all want crushing, brutal distortion that can stun small animals, shock medium-sized ones and plunge large ones into a deep existential crisis.

Today’s acoustic guitarists are really pushing the boundaries of tone, and the guys and gals at Seymour Duncan have figured out that the perfect way to take their sound to the next level was to adapt one of the company's most unique electric guitar pickups to make it better suited to acoustic guitar.

Enter the Acoustic Slug.

With its special soundhole-mount design, the Acoustic Slug has been refined to reduce feedback while taking advantage of the generally bigger mass of acoustic strings to generate even more output.

For more information, visit the Acoustic Slug's page on