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Shia Labeouf Set to Document Making of New Marilyn Manson Album

According to Contact Music, actor Shia Labeouf has teamed up with Marilyn Manson to shoot a documentary about the making of Manson's new album.

The shock-rocker, who is working on his eighth studio album, was apparently impressed by Labeouf's work directing a music video for controversial rapper Kid Cudi.

Speaking on Live With Regis and Kelly, the actor says of his meeting with Manson, "He's a real sweet guy. He's an eccentric human being. He lives in West Hollywood above a liquor store. There's no lights in the room. And there's sort of these big metal doors and he opens the door and he's in a kimono, a big pink kimono...It's sort of like a lair."

"No lights, so you have to use your cellphone to guide you around," he added. "We sat and watched movies for a while...and talked about what kind of visuals he wanted on his album. Which are all really eccentric ideas. All things I can't really say out loud because this is morning television."