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Steve Vai Announces “Vai-Tal Used Gear” eBay Sale

It seems Steve Vai is doing a little late-autumn cleaning.

Last night on his Facebook page, the guitarist announced his “Vai-Tal Used Gear” sale. He'll be unloading one item per month via eBay, starting with this month's item, a Melcor GME-20 EQ.

Here's the announcement that appeared on Vai's Facebook page:

"The house is full, the studios are full; the attics, basements and pool houses are full! Full of gear that Steve Vai breathed fire with, that is! is going to be selling 'Steve’s Used Gear' Vai’s actual equipment, as part of a fall cleanup that will continue with one piece of Steve Vai-owned/used gear once a month for as long as it takes.

"Items will be sold in a highest-bid, online auction style sale. These items may range from guitars, amps, pedals, accessories, clothing, stage accessories and beyond. Each piece of monthly gear will be posted here at the beginning of the month and then hit eBay 10 days before its final action sale priced.

"All transactions will go through eBay. You can contact us via eBay with questions about the items (serious enquiries only, please). Additional discussion can take place through our message board."

The aforementioned Melcor GME-20 EQ will be posted to eBay "around December 22," according to the sale site.

"These are vintage EQs from the 1960s built by Melcor, which is a predecessor to API. They contain two highly sought after 1731 opamps in each. These are unique in that they have been professional converted to work in the 500 series format. These are very rare and as far as I’ve seen the only pair that has exists to work in a 500 series lunchbox."

For more information, visit Vai's personal eBay sales site.

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