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Stone Deaf brings unwanted noise to death’s door with the new Noise Reaper gate pedal

(Image credit: Stone Deaf Fx)

Back in September 2019, UK-based pedal maker Stone Deaf introduced the PDF-1X, a limited-edition version of the PDF-1 overdrive pedal used by artists like Josh Homme.

Now the company has unveiled the Noise Reaper professional noise gate, a design that evolved out of the technology used in the company’s Warp Drive distortion and Fig Fumb fuzz pedals.

Boasting a single Threshold knob that controls how much the gate opens, the pedal operates by “taking the input sensitivity of the guitar input and the noisy signal source and comparing the two,” enabling players to gate unwanted noise while still sustaining notes.

Other features include an LED light to indicate whether the gate is on or off, as well as a soft-touch true-bypass footswitch.

Additionally, Noise Reaper can operate in either Pedal or Series FX Loop mode, and two Reapers can be chained together for a third option that doubles up the dynamic range of the gating function.

The Noise Reaper is available for $160. For more information, head to Stone Deaf Fx.